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Medieval: Total War Strategy Guide
Medieval: Total War is a game of infinite replayability and there is no way to
make a definitive walkthrough. Therefore, this guide does not contain a
walkthrough in any form. What is does contain is hints, tips, and strategy.
This guide does not list the units or buildings because if you bought M:TW then
you should already have this.

Final Fantasy 2 Classic RPG Games Strategy Guide
Once inside Town Of Toroia, you'll want to get some Items first, so, let's find them. There's only one area with them and to get there, head east and enter the water. Follow the path and when you get to the end, climb the
stairs and head through the bushes to the west. There's four hidden Treasure Chests here, so find them and open them to obtain 1,000G, a Ether1, a Ether2 and a Cure2.

Zelda II Class RPG Brief Walkthrough
When you enter this area, equip your Deku Mask and transform in to a Deku
Scrub. Use the flower on your platform to launch yourself into the air.
Land on the platform on the right. (The one with a gossip stone.) Now you’ll
have to time your next jump to land on the rotating platform.

Alternate Ending for Chrono Trigger
A new option will appear after completing the game for the first time. Use this option and load a saved game to restart with items obtained in the previous game. Complete this special game to view an alternate ending sequence.

Ultima Online Beginner's Guide
There are three different stats your character has: Strength, Dexterity,
and Intelligence. Strength is how much damage you can give, as well as how
much HP(Life force) you have, and how much weight you can carry. Every
character can use this stat, in some form or another.

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