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Final Fantasy 2 Guide

Items To Get: 1,000G, Cure2, Ether1 and Ether2.
Suggested Level To Train To: 41.
Level To Get By: 22.

Once inside Town Of Toroia, you'll want to get some Items first, so, let's find them. There's only one area with them and to get there, head east and enter the water. Follow the path and when you get to the end, climb the
stairs and head through the bushes to the west. There's four hidden Treasure Chests here, so find them and open them to obtain 1,000G, a Ether1, a Ether2 and a Cure2. Now, the people in Town Of Toroia really
don't say a whole lot of helpful information, except mainly about the TwinHarps, which can send sound to one another even if apart. That's about it. Everyone else just talks about stupid stuff that really isn't important. Now, if you need to or want to, go ahead and stock up on any Items you may need in the Item Shop, then exit Town Of Toroia. There's nothing in the Weapon Shop or Armor Shop for you that's any good. Now, go ahead and enter the Castle near Town Of Toroia, since this is where you're to go now.

Items To Get: Cure2, (2), Ether1 (3), RubyRing (2) and Tent (2).
Suggested Level To Train To: 41.
Level To Get By: 22.

Inside Toroian Castle, you'll want to talk to the people here before anything. You mostly learn that Toroia is a country run by women, as all the soldiers and people who govern this nation are women. Funny, heh.
Anyway, the Eight Clerics are in charge and you learn that, as well as a Prince from Damcyan was found on a beach...Edward? Hmm...anyway, talk to the Eight Clerics and you learn that the Crystal Of Earth was taken by
Dark Elf, who lives in a cave to the northeast from here. He's VERY weak to metal/silver Weapons and has put a seal on the cave, so metal/silver Equipment will paralyze you in Battle. You learn that if you can get the Crystal Of Earth back for them, you can borrow it for a good purpose, but they need it back or else Toroia will turn into a desert once again.

So, first of all, you need to go see if this Prince of Damcyan is Edward or not, so from the main room before the room with the Eight Clerics, head west and follow the path out the door and to the outside part of Toroian
Castle. Now, follow the path and enter the door and talk to the man, as he tells you to be quiet, since they have a paitent here. As you get close to Edward, a scene takes place and Cecil talks to Edward, as Edward sees Cecil's alive and asks him to let him join him. Tellah just asks him what can he do in his condition and to just lie in bed. Edward then asks Tellah to forgive him, because it's his fault that he lost Anna. Tellah's silent,
but Edward tells him that's the truth. Yang tells him to get better, as Edward sees Yang survived the attack from Leviatan and asks if Rydia did too, but Yang just looks sad and Edward understands, as he notes that he
can't do anything while they fight and it's a shame.
Cid then notes that it's ok, that he and the Enterprise will cover for him, as he tells him he's heard that he's taken good care of Cecil and Rosa for him and he'll take over from here. Edward becomes shocked and
sees that it's the Master Engineer, Cid and notes that they must now have an Airship, as he asks Cecil where Rosa is now. He tells Edward that Golbez still has her and that they have to exchange the Crystal Of Earth
for her, but Dark Elf now has the Crystal Of Earth. Edward notes this and then tells Cecil to take something. Cecil asks what it is and Edward tells him it's his substitute and it may help. Cecil then gets the TwinHarp, as
everyone goes back to Cecil and Edward tells him to rescue Rosa, as you regain control of your party.

Now, if you talk to the doctor and nurse, they tell you Edward won't be up and moving for a while, as he's badly hurt. So, don't expect anything from him except this. Next, it's time to get some Treasure. This time, in the
main room, head east and out the door, following the path and entering the door you see. You'll be in a room with three stairs leading down. Ignore the one to the far left, as you can't get into the room below there just
yet and you have to do this later. For now, head to the one in the middle and go down the stairs. Check the east pot in this room for a Ether1 and then just head back up the stairs and go down the stairs to the right. In
this room, there's four secret doors and one panal to step on. Just step on this panal four times to open each of the four doors.

Now, open all eight Treasure Chests to find two RubyRings, two Ether1s, two Cure2s and two Tents. Then, go ahead and exit Toroian Castle. Once back on the World Map, it's time to train Cid a bit, since he's pretty
low, compared to everyone else. First, I suggest you knock out everyone but Cid and just have him train around Toroia by himself. But, before this, use the Change option in the Menu to get back three attacker slots and 2 Magic user slots. Then, put Cecil, Yang and Cid in the three attacker slots and Tellah in one of the two Magic user slots. This way, your party is at it's best again. (It's also sort of balanced now, since you lost two Magic users and gained an attacker and aren't stuck with three of them like before.)
Anyway, I suggest you train Cid until he's Level 35. This won't take very long, but I do suggest you Save often, since enemies around here are STRONG and for Cid alone, you'll be healing after every Battle. Just take your time and get him up in Levels. (If you hate this area, I suggest Mt. Ordeals for a better place, but that's only if you dislike training here,
due to the enemies. Mt. Ordeals is still a good place to train, though, so it's up to you.) If you want to train more, go for it, but this is my recommendation for this area, so, it's up to you. Anyway, whenever you're
ready, walk, yes, walk north on the World Map, since your Airship can't land near the cave to the northeast and keep going until you see a circular part of forest. Enter that, as it's a Chocobo's Village.Once inside here, try and talk to a Black Chocobo, even though every single one is running around like a mad man. Once you get one, fly east and south a bit onto a island JUST out of reach from the mainland of Toroia. Land in the forest with it and then enter the cave.

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