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History of Role-playing Games
Like all good histories, we begin with a famous genius who sets the ball rolling. In this case, it is the incredible visionary, H. G. Wells. For not only was Wells the grandfather of science fiction, he was also the grandfather of war-games. Which makes him, if you like, the great-grandfather of role-playing games.

History of RPG Designs
There is no doubt that role-playing games in general originated from Dungeons & Dragons. The early games were clearly related to wargames, but with a twist. There was an explorational component, expressed as keyed maps fully known only to the GM. This map-based approach to adventure was vital to how adventures were conceived.

RPG Playing Types
Single player RPGs are games that are played by no more than 1 person. Usually, single player role playing games allow less creativity on the part of the player as they must conform to the rules that were defined by the game developer. Namely, it is less likely there will be a gamemaster to monitor play and create customized interactions for a single player.

RolePlaying Definition
Role Play, simply defined, is acting. Acting, as a character that you either create or pick from a spectrum of pre-created characters. In some settings you determine vital characteristics of your character, in others, it is predetermined. You set your mind into this character, and play it out by improvising the characters' moves.

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