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Welcome to the amazing world of roleplay games... Learn more about your favorite roleplay games, get great tips and strategy guides, learn about the RPG classics and more. Enough to satisfy the most hardcore of RPG players.

Role-Playing Games (RPG's) are fun and enthralling. The immersing affect they have on the people participating is a product of the high level of interaction involved in playing an RPG. As the name suggests, role-playing is central to the experience. To role-play, all one has to do is take on a particular character's role and act it out. In a basic sense, it's like putting on a play without a script. There is a setting and a loose plot. Environmental elements or props are provided, but it's up to the players to create their own stories.

Classic RPG's

Dungeon Master

As roleplaying games go Dungeon Master has a fairly simple story with minimal plot development that is generally in line with other games of its time. You start at ground level and make your way down through the dungeons to the deepest darkest level to rid the labyrinth of the evil sorcerer. In the process you must fight an array of successively more ferocious monsters, and negotiate more and more devious obstacles of the open pit, locked door and flying fireball variety. Many of these are still a lot of fun and very careful observation is called for.

Eye of Beholder

Eye of the Beholder from Westwood Studios is one of my all-time favourite games. Set in one of the mythical lands of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons realm, you and three companions are commissioned by the Lords of Waterdeep to venture forth into the dank sewers below the city to seek out and destroy whatever is causing a plague of monsters to terrorise the townsfolk above. So you and your team depart using the only entrance, which collapses behind you ... sealing your fate ...

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Guide & Tips

Final Fantasy 2 Classic RPG Games Strategy Guide
Once inside Town Of Toroia, you'll want to get some Items first, so, let's find them. There's only one area with them and to get there, head east and enter the water. Follow the path and when you get to the end, climb the
stairs and head through the bushes to the west. There's four hidden Treasure Chests here, so find them and open them to obtain 1,000G, a Ether1, a Ether2 and a Cure2.

Zelda II Class RPG Brief Walkthrough
When you enter this area, equip your Deku Mask and transform in to a Deku
Scrub. Use the flower on your platform to launch yourself into the air.
Land on the platform on the right. (The one with a gossip stone.) Now you’ll
have to time your next jump to land on the rotating platform.

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