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Zelda II NES Guide

Here’s a brief walkthrough of what to do on the moon:

1. Talk to the child wearing Odolwa’s Guardian Mask
2. Give him one mask to warp to the dungeon
3. Transform into a Deku Scrub
4. Dive into the flower and jump to the stationary platform on the right
5. Launch to the spinning platform, to the next stationary platform
6. From there, jump to the next spinning one, avoiding the spikes
7. Jump to the platform in the back right corner to get a Heart Piece
8. Go back to the spinning platform and reach the back left corner
9. Go through the door, talk to the child, and give him one more mask to
exit the dungeon

10. Talk to the child wearing the Goht Mask
11. Give him two masks to go to the Goht Dungeon
12. Transform into a Goron and smash the pots to get Magic power
13. Roll off the platform, off the ramp, let the chests bounce you, keep
14. Land on the platform with Heart Piece and collect it
15. Roll off the ramp and onto the bridge near the gazebo
16. Walk around the warp pad and roll off the ramp straight ahead to land
on the snow platform
17. Go through the door, talk to the child, and give him two masks to

18. Talk to the child wearing the Gyorg mask and give him three masks to
warp to the Gyorg dungeon
19. Transform into a Zora and dice into the water and in the tunnel
20. Go left, right, left and left to reach the Heart Piece
21. Dive into the tunnel ahead to warp back to start
22. In the tunnels again, go left, right, left and right
23. Go through the door, talk to the child and give him three masks to leave
the dungeon

24. Talk to the child wearing the Twin-Mold Mask
25. Give him four masks to be transported to the Link dungeon
26. Go through the door and fight and defeat the Dinofols
27. Go through the next room to fight the Garo Master
28. Defeat him, hookshot to the chest and open it to get arrows
29. Go through the next room to fight Iron Knuckle
30. Beat him to get Bombchus
31. "Bombchu" the crack in the wall and reveal a switch
32. Shoot it to make a ladder appear; climb it to enter the room with the
Heart Piece
33. Take it and "bombchu" the crack in the ceiling to make a frozen switch
34. Shoot it with a fire arrow and go through the door to meet the child
35. Give him your last four masks to warp out

36. Talk to the child sitting next to tree wearing Majora’s Mask to get the
Fierce Diety’s Mask (Only if you’ve beaten all four boss dungeons).
37. The child will warp you to the final battle
38. Fight Majora’s Mask in three stages
39. Beat it in its third stage to win the game!
40. Wow! You’re done! ;)

To reach this dungeon, talk to the child wearing the Odolwa Mask. He will
ask you for a mask. When you give him one, you will be transported to the

When you enter this area, equip your Deku Mask and transform in to a Deku
Scrub. Use the flower on your platform to launch yourself into the air.
Land on the platform on the right. (The one with a gossip stone.) Now you’ll
have to time your next jump to land on the rotating platform. Dive into the
flower, and wait for a platform to reach about a 90-degree angle from you,
and launch. You should be able to get yourself over the moving platform.
Press the A button right before it spins under you to land on it. Dive into
the flower there, and wait for the platform to align itself with another
platform. This one also has a gossip stone. Now you have to land on the next
set of spinning platforms. This time it’s a little trickier, as a second
spiked platform rotates over the first one. Dive into the flower, and once
again wait until the moving platform is about a 90-degree angle from you.
When you land, IMMEDIATELY dive into the Deku Flower in order to avoid being
pushed off. The first platform this spinning one aligns with is one with a
heart piece, so land there to claim it. Use the flower there to leap back to
the spinning platform again. Now wait for you to align with the next platform.
(There are two trees in front of it.) Launch yourself over the tree branches
to land on the platform. Go through the door to meet the child wearing the
Guradian Mask. Talk to him, give him one of your masks, and this dungeon is

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