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Chrono Trigger Cheat to Alternate Ending

An Alternate Ending

A new option will appear after completing the game for the first time. Use this option and load a saved game to restart with items obtained in the previous game. Complete this special game to view an alternate ending sequence.

To see dialogue from Chrono himself, choose the new game plus feature after completing the game for the first time. Defeat Lavos after Schala opens the seal on the door leading to the throne room. Before you go through the door, return and defeat Lavos to see Chrono scold Marle and Lucca for admiring men instead of showing a slide show.

There are about twenty different endings in the game.

To see an alternate ending which features Frog marrying Queen Leene, complete the game. After just saving the Queen go to Lavos by any way you can. If you defeat Lavos a sequence with Leene marrying Glenn, and Marle being a toad princess will appear.

Go to New Game+ and start with your best data and go to the fair. Then, go to Lucca's invention. Go to the pod to the right and you will fight Lavos alone as Chrono, but with all your stats and weapons from your old data. If you defeat him, you should see three people in a castle. After you talk to all three of them you should see what is the End of Time place with weird characters. However, these are the creators of the game in disguise. The time portals lead to more places with the staff.

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