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Using The Internet To Plan Your Baby Shower

Planning and hosting a baby shower has gotten much easier over the past 10 years. The Internet has helped both first-time, and experienced "hosts" throw amazing showers. You can find three types of assistance online. First, there is advice for etiquette and planning.

Next, you'll find supplies for decorations, favors, and invitations. And finally, a new type of resource, the "social network", will help you share your shower with people far away. If you are a novice, and are throwing your first baby shower, you may want to take advantage of the advice available online. You'll find tips and ideas on everything from how to best word your invitations, to who should be on the guest list, to developing a theme. Most of the advice available online comes from people who are experts in the field, or experienced home entertainers. They will provide creative, unusual, and classy themes, catering tips, and ideas for shower games.

Online retailers have fantastic selections of baby shower decorations, tableware, gifts, games, invitations, and more. Rather than settling for the two or three options that are typically available from your local party store, you can find specialty retailers with sometimes as many as 50 different themes or patterns of specialty baby shower decorations. A great advantage to working with online retailers, is that it is easy to mix and match the items available form different suppliers to craft your perfect decorating themes. You can select invitations, tableware, decorations, centerpieces, and gifts from different suppliers, and still be able to tie everything into a consistent theme, with coordinating colors.

Accounting for delivery times is one the biggest issues you will face when buying your suppliers online. Make sure your vendors disclose how quickly they ship, and the time it takes for the order to arrive so you can rely upon the delivery without stress. One of the really innovative services available online is the ability to host a "virtual" baby shower.

This is an ideal solution to help involve a loved one who lives in a far away place, or may help a soldier serving overseas become involved in this special event. These services help remote guests get involved via chat sessions, photo exchanges, and other internet enabled tools. With a little research, hosting your baby shower can be fun, and easy. Start early, do some unique research, and create a shower the guest of honor will remember forever.

About the writer: Lisa Evans is an experienced baby shower party planner who advises customers every day at PartyPail.com. She often recommends Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower theme for classic events.

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