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Unique Baby Gift Baskets Check Out These Great Ideas

There are limitless options when giving a baby gift basket for a new bundle of joy. Baby gift baskets can be purchased or created in numberless themes and styles. This allows you, the giver, to customize your gift specific to the baby's and mom's needs. Baby Gift Baskets For A Boy Or Girl If you know the gender of the new baby, it is easy to cater a basket around this theme. Start by choosing gender specific colors and have fun selecting all the presents you intend to include in your gift basket.

Of course pink and white come to mind when thinking of girl colors. Don't be afraid to branch out and include purple, yellow, sage or even blue for a girl themed basket. If you choose a non-traditional color scheme it's easy to "girl it up" by adding touches of lace and pretty ribbons.

Then there is the always popular "baby blue" for boy themed baby gift baskets. The pale blue is often accompanied by white. If you wish to create a more vibrant basket pick navy instead of light blue, include forest or hunter green, even red stands out in a boy color schemed basket. A basic bow or simple ribbons help to dress up boy baby gift baskets. If you plan to attend the shower of a mother having twins, you're going to need to include two of everything.

Plan on buying a larger basket while you're at it, the soon to be new parents are going to need everything your basket can hold. If both babies are the same gender you can still create gender specific color schemed baby gift baskets. Now, if mom is having one girl and one boy, time to redesign your gender color scheme basket idea. However, picking one blue set of booties and one pink set can be a lot of fun! Choose one item in both colors for the soon to be twins.

But if you are planning a present for triplets or even more (!) it's best to make baby gift baskets for each baby. Trying to cram three or more (!) of everything can get a bit tiresome. A More Unique Approach Don't feel pressured to design a basket that is gender specific.

Get creative and design a completely unique baby gift basket. How about trying something other than a "basket"? A new family is going to have a lot of needs and what about choosing something more practical to hold your items? What about a laundry basket decorated with bows and ribbon? A new baby means more laundry and an additional basket will definitely be needed! How about creating your own basket through crochet or knitting? You can fill these baskets with a pair of precious booties or an antique mirror. After the party is over, the new baby's socks or hats can be stored in your home made gift basket. There's No Time To Make A Basket, So Where To Get One? If creating a basket is out of your time schedule, no need to worry. Many companies can be found online that sell baby gift baskets. These companies range from large retail stores to small establishments that create their baby gift baskets by hand.

Or, if you have some time, but not enough to run from store to store, you can purchase ready-to-make baby gift basket materials and put the basket all together at home. There are many sites on the Internet that offer gift baskets. Don't forget to check them out! Summary: With a new baby, comes a new need.

Baby gift baskets have become a popular way to help a new family cope with the needs of the precious baby. A baby gift basket can come in many colors, themes and designs. Giving a basket is a great way to not only help provide for a new baby, but a fun, creative way to help celebrate the new family member!.

Brooke Hayles
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