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The Best Scion tC Body Kits

Scion tC's are an excellent car, they get good gas milage, perform very well, and look great. But there is one thing that definitely makes them stand out from other cars, Scion tC Body Kits. There is a large selection of Body Kits to choose from when it comes to a Scion tC, I'm going to let you in on some of the best choices. Lets start with the Kaminari Urethane Body Kit. This is, of course, made my Kaminari.

The material is Polyurethane, which is a strong adhesive. If you were to install one of these yourselves, the difficulty is average, but a little more than easy. This body kit is recommended because of it's outstanding quality as well as the excellent price.

It comes with a front bumper, rear bumper, right and left sideskirts. When you order one of these, they are built to order, meaning that they will make this product when you order. One down, quite a few more Scion tC Body Kits to go.

The next one is the Fab Body Kit. This body kit is very affordable, and is made in high quality frp. To make it look very sleek, it is finished with a gel coat. This body kit is made by AIT Racing and they provide an excellent smooth finish. They also specialize in high craftsmanship to ensure the quality and originality of your body kit.

Another plus to this body kit is aluminum mesh grills to make your car look even better than it already does. As well as a logo of authenticity that AIT Racing is proud to be able to display their product on your car. The next on our list of the best Scion tC Body Kits is the Obsidian V2 Flex Fiber Wide Body Kit. This body kit is made of ultra high quality Flex Fiber Composite, along with a finishing coat of smooth gel.

The kit consists of your standard side skirts, front and rear bumper, but it also comes with front and rear fender flares. The fender flares are what makes this body kit wide. vehicle modification is required for this body kit, so it is recommended that it be professionally installed. This body kit is very affordable and will look great on the streets, now to our last body kit. The last of our Scion tC Body Kit is the Rado Duraflex Wide Body Kit. This is definitely the most expensive body kit you can find for Scion tC's, but at the highest quality and nicest look.

This body kit is ultra high in quality, made of duraflex composite, and has a very nice finish of black gel coat. This body kit is limited edition because it has been designed by the drag racer Christian Rado, world famous he is. This body kit debuted at SEMA in 2005, this will make your vehicle up to 10 inches extended. Not only is this limited edition, its the best quality you can get for a body kit.

If money is not the problem, and you want your Scion tC to look better than any others on the streets, then this is the body kit for you. Hopefully these Scion tC Body Kits have helped you with deciding what you would like to purchase. We are sure that you will enjoy all of these body kits, whether you are on a budget or not.

There are plenty of high quality body kits that you can find out there, and newer ones come out all of the time. Good luck find the body kit for your Scion tC that fits your wants and needs.

If you would like to learn more about Scion tC Body Kits, take a look at my website: http://sciontcstore.info

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