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The Left-out-even-as-this-article-appeared Classic: Lufia 1/2
Made in: 1992/5 By Natsume,Taito


Beat that frog down!.....at least its not always a "Sword" :)
  • As the(I think) only RPG game released in 1992, Lufia 1 had a lot of people try it out. Its awful if you compare it to more Hard-core RPG's(FF2/3/4/5/6/etc)(Wiz 1/2/3/4/5/6/7). But its a easy pace for everyone
  • What Mystic Quest(shudder) should have been. It was awful, nuff said.
  • Dont get me started on the humor :)

    The Odd, But Fun: Harvest Moon
    Made in: 1995 By Nintendo/Natsume

    Nice game, only could find a dutch version though :)
  • In usual RPG's, you have a few basic ideas: Save the Princess, Save the World, Blah, BLah BLAH....but if you have played this one, you already know something is DIFFERENT about this one......... The main goal: Raise a farm. Probably made by Iowegians, this game takes you into the life of a farmer, from feeding cows, harvesting crops, and plain ole getting a wife. Quirky as this title is, its still a nice game. Here are the features that make this game unique:
  • You Farm
  • You Farm
  • You Farm
  • and yet....its all fun :)
  • A nice title which you can have fun farming..............a game thats educational and fun? Theres a reason to play games :) (But Mom, its Educational!)

    The Rare and the Expensive: Ogre Battle
    Made in: 1995 By Quest

    Most people did not play this on SNES. Expensive and limited edition, but worth it. Ogre Battle can be amazingly well done or shrouded in mystery. Re-released on Playstation, the SNES version has all the PSX big brother has, and No loading(yes!) Many, Many endings when the only endings you got were cheap ones. Basically, this game spawned a new genre(along with Shining Force and Feda) of RPG's into mainstream. Don't sit down with this game for too long.....You WILL get hooked.
    Here are some features in this game:
  • Many Endings....all controlled primarly by your reputation
  • Great Graphics(One of the BEST looking on SNES)
  • Sub Quests Galore! (Ahem....Non Linear)
  • Hidden Items and Towns make you explore again and again the same maps
  • Nice battle system, though it seems too automated.
  • The PSX version has one fatal flaw: the loading. It takes the life out of the game. The SNES version, if you can FIND it, is much easier and look almost-almost- the same as the PSX.
    A nice, refreshing(also, HARD) game which take its credit for releasing it when not many were.

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