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Discover the Secret: Secret of Mana
Made in: 1992/3 By Square

The Main Character using.....OMG a SWORD :)

Square's Line of Action/Rpgs started with this blockbuster game. The Secret of Mana started when Square released the game "Final Fantasy Adventure" for the Game Boy. The name was changed to sell more copies, but it is the foundation for this game. The knight you play in FFA GB is the one who left a sword in a town, and you rescue the Sword. You eventually figure out a dark, omnious secret that stuns you. (Never Expect it....) I wont give it away, but it is a good story and a good use of a Multitap!
Some features:

  • Multiplayer! 3 People can play at a time!

  • Like I said before, a great storyline that is a killer.

  • The number system in Secret of Mana 2(SD3) and Terrigama was perfected here.




  • A classic that made way with the "ring" system used in Secret of Evermore(sorry, not good enough to be a classic, in my opinion) and Secret of Mana 2(SD3). Try it if you can handle the Leveling up.

    The Unreleased: Terrigama
    Made In: 1995 By Enix

    Ark goes to....Colorado? Huh? Well, Hes saving the Birds :)

    Most people have NOT heard of this one. Likely the ones who have are Europeans, because it was only released there. This game is the sequal to IofG, and SoulBlazer(the Enix Trilogy). If you HAVE missed it, you can be suprised about EVERYTHING. This game is just SO good, its hard to describe. Starting with the underworld and in one town, you think the game is short. WRONG! Once you defeat 5 towers, you start the NEXT chapter in this game. There is 4 in all, and Its a stellar adventure about resurrecting the Earth, Birds, Plants, Animals, and of Course, The Dark One himself, the Devil(Dark Gaia). This game just MOVES you from the minute you start to the minute you finish. Unfortunately, Enix ran out of money before this came here, so you have to play it emulated......oh well. The main word of this game is Quality. Its Zelda 3 with much more special effects and better graphics and sound. TRY IT NOW, for the world is dying, and you must help it in its last days.........
    Some Extras featured in this game:

  • Long. Over 30 Hours playtime, on average. Much to see, much to do.

  • Amazing graphics(for ANY time....Mode 7 on the Underworld map is excellent)

  • A MAJOR story to get into...very unpredictable and Japanese

  • This is what Square should have done instead of Secret of Evermore.......Yech!

  • Sound is extremely good (Listen to the "sad" theme a little, and you will be hooked :)

  • A rarity of Titles, Terrigama just does not have much respect because no one has played it. Also, since Square did not make it, there is NO way for it to be re-released. So you'll just have to find it somewhere.........and experience the sheer joy that is saving the world.

    Gannon Returns: Zelda:3
    Made In: 1992 By Nintendo

    Wow! Another Sword! Who would have thought :)

    Zelda 3 had a great storyline for Nintendo, and just felt much better, but still retained the classic Zelda 1 feeling. Much like Zelda 1 but with enhanced graphics, this game will NOT slow down or just become TOO hard to play. A classic with that uniqueness that is Nintendo.
    These are great innovations that came with this game.

  • Zelda. Capture the princess story. Old even then, but still pulled off gracefully.

  • Nice map of the overworld in Mode 7 - Spectactular graphics use for an RPG(in its time......FF3 blew that out of the water)

  • New swords and techinques that add-on to Zelda's Storyline.

  • Good Story intertwined with the "save the princess" storyline.

  • Linear and Non-linear storyline. You can walk around, but you have to start at Level 1.

  • Another Classic that if you havent played, do so now.

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