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SNES Classic RPG's

The Classic Classic: Final Fantasy 2
Made in: 1991 by Square

Picture of Cecil Fighting In the Intro to the Game

This game was just so innovative, and it was only 12 Megabits! It was the first good RPG for the System, and of course Square made it. Re-released in Japan with the Final Fantasy Anthology, us Americans just did not experience much of the game because of Japanese stuff taken out. (Just watch out if you are playing the translated version of FFIV.......prepare for the "adult" room) The game just had so much innovation over much that was released, like Soulblazer. Soulblazer is good, but It just does not have the "Classic" appeal. (However, If you have played Terrigama or Illusion of Gaia, you've played the Classic Soulblazer :))

Here are the main innovations that made this game GREAT:

  • Sound ROCKS---Much better than any other good RPG(Phantasy Star comes to mind)

  • Graphics were revolutionary for its time. Much better than FF2 or 3 in Japan(or 1 in English)

  • Active Battle System - Much harder game that way

  • Hard.

  • Airship with Mode 7 support....makes flying feel like flying.

  • Hard.

  • The first "story" in the Final Fantasy Series

  • Different Characters that join and leave whenever the story says to.

  • Mention it was Hard?

  • Classic game, dont miss it!

    The Demolisher - Final Fantasy 3
    Made In: 1994 By Square

    Sabin using "AuraBolt." To use it, you have to do Street Fighter Moves :)

    If you haven't played this one, you are NOT an RPG fan. Heralded as THE RPG in some places, FF3 has the most complex story even seen on a console to date. And also, the main character is not a MAN! Its a WOMEN!(Sorta) Mostly revolving around espers and how this magic was destroyed, the Game begins with Terra and ends with a BANG. Espers have been lost, but somehow someone has been using the black arts of magic inside the Magitek Facility. The Problem is a lust for power, and the rise and fall of the World.
    Here are the features:

  • Amazing Mode 7 graphics (again, for its time) for flying, Chocobo, and just walking.

  • The Maturity of the storylines in Square games are improved consoderably

  • Non-Linear. After the fall of the World, You can start to rescue you comerades, or go straight to the end.

  • One of the first games dealing with life and death, a touching subject for games in its time.

  • Sabin. His Blitzes were both easy and hard to pull off(I can STILL pull off a bum-rush with ease :)

  • A matured combat system, people have special techinques which only they can use. Also, Wait is introduced with Active.

  • Ok. If you havent played this one, you do NOT know what a real RPG is like. This game is long and is a LOT of fun to play over and over again.

    The Lavos Threat: Chrono Trigger
    Made in: 1995 By Square

    And the Rock Gets Beat down with a triple tech!

    Lavos. It strikes the heart of men, destroys the weak, and oppresses us all. The great Lavos is the main factor of this game. Classic and readily available, you WILL have fun with this one. From the start to the finish, it is a visual treat, rivaling even the best PSX games when this came out. The gameplay was rock-solid, and the Story is almost REAL......(hmm..end is near? :)) Although not as much endings as Ogre Battle(13), Chrono Trigger still has more than any other RPG like this. This game is sorta a mix between Secret Of Mana 1 and Final Fantasy 3. Think of it as Revoultionary. You will be amazed at how they could put this much gameplay and graphics into this cart, without sacrificing ANYTHING. It even gives a tribute to Final Fantasy 2, saying its "hard". Hard, no. IMPOSSIBLE, yes!
    Here are some great stuff with it:

  • Combo Techniques - Can chain two or more people with 1 attack for more damage

  • Nice, Nice, Nice gameplay(easy and hard at the same time :)

  • Classic sound(Lavos theme anyone?)

  • 10 Endings. Some great, some hilarious, some.......not-so-great

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