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How to Run Your Homeschool and Family Smoothly

Have you ever imagined what your homeschool and family life would be like if you ran them like a business? If you look at the standard operating systems that are used in a business or organization, you will see procedures that promote success. If you set up methodical and organized procedures to run your family and school like an organization, and involve all family members in sharing responsibilities, your household will run smoothly. Here's some tips on how to run your family and homeschool like a business. ? Engage everyone (age appropriate) in one facet or another. This is known as delegating.

? Clearly define each assigned job. Depending on your children's age and skills, they will be proud to contribute, and they will learn responsibility in the process. ? Connect school projects and home chores to real life. ? Continually give encouragement and stress each child's importance to the workings of the family. Do not criticize! Remember to accentuate the positive to eliminate the negative! ? Children will feel like valuable participants.

They might even take on responsibilities willingly. This may not happen overnight, but it will happen. To run a smooth household and homeschool, establish a home base of operation. This is a place where you administer all tasks, projects, schedules, and other details for your homeschool.

The space must be centrally located, readily accessible and clearly defined. You must create a filing and organizational system that promotes neatness and logical organization. You will not find success with homeschooling with some papers on a desk, other papers in a bathroom, and others scattered in the backyard. There are a number of organizational solutions that can be effective for the household and homeschool. ? Keep all elements and procedures predictable, clear and concise.

Simplicity is the key. ? Keep common areas and work rooms uncluttered and neat. ? Solve problems. If something does not work well, fix it! Come up with a method or system that will solve the problem and keep it from reoccurring. Be creative and get suggestions from all participants, fix the problem, and move on.

For example, if the children keep forgetting the schedule of daily events, try making a large sign that states the schedules in clear and concise terms. If that does not solve the problem, redirect, be creative, try starting out the day by reading the schedules and signs out loud, reinforcing and underscoring each persons requirements. You can organize your home and homeschool like a business and achieve great success but remember you are dealing with children who are just learning the basics. Keep all spaces and communications clear and concise.

Creating organized procedures, methods and activities will create a successful home school environment. Make family values and priorities fundamental to your tasks.

Pam Connolly is a professional educator with the San Diego School District. She has been teaching kids how to type for over 11 years. To teach your child typing, visit http://www.1stoplearntotype.com .

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