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Antique Perfume Bottles As A Collectors Gem

In recent years, the collection of antique perfume bottles has been a rising trend. More and more new collectos and dealers are forming everyday and looking for unique designer bottles of perfume. This upward trend is fuelled by the proliferation of usage of online auction sites by collectors and dealers to sell and buy their bottles.

In fact, many collectors who are just starting out their personal collection likes to visit online auction sites like eBay and they have found many rare antique perfume bottles on sale there at very reasonable prices. This trend has also benefitted dealers who now have an outlet to peddle their wares and still get the best possible prices for their unique bottles. Of course, with more exposure, comes increased compeition.

At the online acution sites, prices are typically very buoyant due to the large number of people bidding on the same products and the larger number of products that are on sale. However, due to the large number of choices a bidder is exposed to, there are still plenty of bargains to be had. This increased competition has also benefitted customers at all levels. Dealers now take the effort to include dimension and some history of the individual bottles for sale. They have also included a scanned photo of the bottle so that potential customers know exactly what they are paying for.

In this way, no customer will be buying something in the dark and because of this, many great friendships have blossomed between buyers and sellers over the years through online auction sites. Although we mentioned that prices can be quite fast changing on online auction sites, it does not mean that all the unique bottles of perfume that are sold through that channel is expensive. In fact, there can still be very good bargain and deals if you take the time to shop around first.

For example, recently a rare Mickey Mouse perfume bottle from the 1930's have been recently sold to the tune of $375 dollars. It could have fetched a higher price if the original box was still in a mint condition. If you are a seller who has collected some antique perfume bottles and are looking to sell some, you should take note of some of the factors that could potentially increase the price of your product. First, your product should preferably be in a mint condition and should include an original box of packaging. If it is a packaged set item, all the items should be included also.

Second, if your product comes with additional accessories like a display stand or a presentation platform, you should also include it with your bottle because it is treated as a whole item. Third, if a buyer is interested in your product, do include means of communication. There were instances where a seller was slow or unclear in their response to the buyer that the buyer gave up even though the product was a very rare perfume bottle. Fortunately, this factor can be easily solved with the Internet, where communication can take place simultaneously and in real time so that any issues can be ironed out before the buyer and the seller commites to the price and the sale.

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