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Actions To Take NOW To Triple CD ales Overnight

If you are like most independent recording artists, one thing that you can always use is more CD sales. Below, are ten alternative unique actions that you can take now to begin tripling your CD sales overnight. A. CD Gig Sale Co-Op I've mentioned this one in a previous issue, but it bears reiterating.

Basically it works this way: Arrange a cooperative agreement between your band and similar bands, say 2-3, whereby you each agree to promote and sell each other's CDs at each other's respective gigs. You also stipulate a sales price and an agreed upon number of units. B. Distribute Samples At Genre Nightclubs Here, you will contact club managers in your area whose deejays either play your genre of music or host live bands in your genre.

This works best in clubs that specifically have deejays and do not have live bands. You ask the club manager for permission to distribute your samplers to club patrons. Even better, is if you agree to pay the club a small fee for allowing you to do so. On the sampler, simply include approximately 2 minutes of each song. Naturally, these sampler discs are CDs that you will "burn" in your computer or you may choose to have your samplers manufactured.

You also want to be sure to leave your website address on the sampler's cover, as a file within the compact disc, and on the sampler's label itself. C. Distribute Samples At Football Games What a perfect opportunity to get some free exposure than by distributing your sampler at football games.

However, be sure to obtain permission from the school prior to doing so. If this feat works, you can also distribute at other school sports as well. D. Distribute Samplers at Colleges and their Dances Not only are colleges great territories to distribute your free samplers, but they have several opportunities to do so that include; games, dances and other school and social functions, as well as by simply walking around the campus and handing samplers out to students. Again, be sure to obtain permission from the college administration or student activities office beforehand.

E. Tee Shirts If your budget will allow, you could make an investment in an order of tee shirts that promote your band name, logo and website address. F. College Radio Interviews Contact area colleges and offer to interview with them as a part of their content.

If agreed, be sure to provide the host or producer a copy of your complete CD in advance. G. College Television Interviews Same as above.

Contact college television stations and offer to be an interview subject. If you also have a video, this is a perfect time to have it aired during your interview. In fact, if you have a professional video, this may be the only calling card you need to get the interview. H.

Interview with College Newspapers College newspapers are a boon for exposure because they can feature both interviews and music reviews. Hence, you should strongly consider them as an interview possibility as well as consider them for low-cost advertising of your new music release. I. Flea Markets There are some incredibly large flea markets that are open to the general public on weekends. And, there is the likely chance that, at least, one exists in your area.

Contact the management and offer to play for free as entertainment in exchange for management allowing you to sell your CDs. I have been to many large flea markets but I cannot recall ever seeing a band performing. This could be a great start in exposure and sales for you and fellow bands. J. Customized ID Checks Offer radio stations a free customized station ID check for them to air.

If you have a fairly good area following, this will work even better. Station ID checks sound something to the effect of. "Hi, this is John Thomas from The Stinging Lizards. Whenever I awake in the morning, my alarm clock is always set to KTAV 103 FM." With these ten steps, you can easily see how implementing only several of them regularly and consistently, could, indeed, quickly and easily triple your CD sales.

Kenny Love is president of MuBiz.com, a promotion and media publicity firm for musicians. Get complete details at Kenny Love's MySpace.com site and at MuBiz.com

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